Saturday, August 20, 2011

A Rose for Kate

It pays to be a princess!
Venerable English rose breeders David Austin Roses have
introduced a new rose,
named in honor of the equally-new Duchess of Cambridge.

Rosa Kate is a mouthwateringly-beautiful magenta color,
and opens to a 4'' bloom-
as gorgeous as its namesake!

Princess Catherine isn't the first royal to have a rose named in her honor.
Princess Diana before her was honored with two:
one a beautiful pinky-yellow rose, named
Diana, Princess of Wales
and an earlier Lady Di.

Queen Elizabeth, arguably one of the most popular roses ever...
two others were also created for her, one in honor of her Silver Jubilee
and another for her Ruby Anniversary.

Princess de Monaco, named of course, for Grace Kelly,
a hybrid tea with a fruity fragrance...

The Duchess of Cornwall (Camilla Parker-Bowles)
was honored with her own rose in 2005,
a large-flowered orange-pink shrub rose with a strong scent.

The Queen's younger sister was also honored with a rose:
Princess Margaret, one of my all-time favorites, in a beautiful shade of peach.
I just love the ruffled petals of this old-fashioned variety.

The Queen Mum was honored with a
beautifully soft pink ground cover rose,
named Queen Mother.

And before her, Queen Victoria,
a beautiful soft pink Bourbon type from the late 1800's.

I predict many brides will be asking for Rosa Kate for their weddings!

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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Blooming Restaurants

Flowers in a restaurant.
The perfect match.
Sounds like a given, doesn't it?

But how many times have you reserved at a nice restaurant,
only to sit down to a table bare of blooms?
Didn't you somehow feel the experience was just a bit less, then?

Sigh. What's missing here?

Ah! That's better!

Some restaurants take the matter of flowers as seriously as they do their food.
La Grenouille, in New York City, is just one such establishment.
Their flower arrangements immerse you in the experience,
before even opening the menu!

No bedraggled bud vase here!
Instead, lush arrangements of seasonal blossoms and branches,
inviting you to linger...

Even the loo is blooming with a fresh arrangement,
here at Grammercy Tavern.

Planning on dinner at a local restaurant soon?
Reserve some flowers while you're reserving your table...
your meal will be that much more memorable!

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122 South Front St.
Wilmington, NC 28401