Sunday, October 25, 2009

Florist Fun in the Movies

I recently saw the new Jennifer Anniston movie, Love Happens. She plays Eloise, a lovelorn florist who's bad experience with men forms the basis of the story with her co-star Aaron Eckhart.

Don't worry- there are no spoiler alerts here! But I thought it might be fun to find out how the movie was made. I was pleased that the film made note of the artistry involved in being a florist. So many people imagine that owning a flower shop is all fun and roses, (so to speak), that we're all just playing with flowers daily. They don't consider the hours of backbreaking work involved: lifting heavy water buckets, the thousands of thorns your hands are subjected to, the worry that your nice fresh product won't sell. Burke (Aaron Eckhart) says to Eloise: “This is so much more than arranging flowers – it’s art.” He should have added that it's also just plain hard work! We never see Eloise actually doing much hard work.

Some fun facts: Anniston's shop did have fully operational floral coolers built for it, but because of the noise they emit, they weren't turned on during filming. And glass was removed from one cooler because it reflected back into the camera.

Teleflora's Marie Ackerman, AIFD, served as the on-set consultant. Though set in Seattle, much of the movie was shot in Vancouver. Marie notes that it was a challenge keeping flower arrangements looking good, as well as consistent, through 9 days of shooting. A few of the larger arrangements had to look good from all sides, such as this beauty, which was seen in a hotel lobby shot.

Anniston's flowershop van was right in step with her quirky personality, and Seattle's hippie-vibe. In one shot, product placement was evident in the obvious Teleflora sticker on the van's back door.

This gorgeous arrangement, which Eloise was shown casually throwing together, would retail for over $500! It is quite large and filled with premium blooms such as orchids, lilies and Hydrangea, massed in a carved wood container.

I did spot a few errors and wondered why Teleflora's on-set consultant didn't pick up on it. The most blatant? Eloise chides her shop assistant for not 'cauterizing' the roses. Eeks! The dictionary definition of cauterize: "to burn or sear"- this is not something you would want to do to roses!

In another scene, Eloise pours corn syrup into a vase, then stabs a few stems of flowers into the goo. This was wrong on so many fronts!

The flower arrangements we did get to see were lovely, as was the visual tour of Seattle. For that reason, I'd recommend it.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Halloween Florals

Halloween is almost upon us, and that means entertaining friends and family. Don't despair if you aren't Martha Stewart! A few well-chosen floral designs can enhance your Fright Night decor. This carnation pumpkin is relatively easy to construct and your guests will wonder how you did it!

Of course, the most common decorative element is the pumpkin, and much can be done to or with it, both the real versions and the artificial ones. In this arrangement, don't you love how the holly is made to look like little bats? As for the blooms, mums are a popular and economical choice, but if you're throwing a big bash, why not splash out with some gorgeous fall-hued roses and calla lilies? I particularly love this one-the creamy color of the pumpkin perfectly compliments the different tones of yellow and orange of the flowers. Add some candles and you're 'good to glow!'For spooky elements, long branches of curly willow are a fun choice. And almost any leaf can be painted black with floral spray paint. (hint: only attempt this outdoors!) Then add Halloween-themed decorative elements, like this cute little broom. Though this is a structured arrangement, the orange and yellow gerbera daisies give it a whimsical feel. To accomplish the look of this centerpiece (below), use a soaked floral foam wreath for the flowers and fall leaves; then set a carved pumpkin in the center, using it as the candle holder.
If you'd like help with your Halloween floral designs, call Bloomers anytime! 910-815-8585

Monday, October 12, 2009

Truly Green Flowers

Browsing a bookstore recently, I came across an intriguing book called Green Flowers: Unexpected Beauty for the Garden, Container or Vase, by Alison Hoblyn. It may change the way you look at green!

The color green has always been an expected color in gardens and containers. The range of greens available is mind boggling, and there is one to complement every hue, from hot orange to palest pinks, from white to deepest burgundy. Green can be energizing, or neutral and restful
On the color wheel, it unifies blue and red.

As a florist, not a day goes by that I don't utilize something green in an arrangement, and that may not always be 'greenery"! Don't you just love this acid-green Fuji Mum? Here are a few other true green flowers you may not be familiar with.

Bells of Ireland: Contrary to the name, is a native of Turkey and not Ireland. Related to mint, which you'll recognize from the tiny leaves that sprout out of the top.

Midori Anthurium: The name means 'flower tail'-the long protrusion is covered with tiny florets. The back pad is really not the flower at all! Anthuriums, whether in this eye-popping green shade, or the more common red, are a prized, long-lasting Hawaiian tropical.

Super Green, Jade and Limbo roses-an unusual choice for any bride, and one that is sure to elicit ooh's and aaah's! A bouquet of this color is a beautiful compliment to pinks and aquas.

Dianthus' soft natural color will never be confused with those garish dyed carnations that make an appearance every St. Paddy's Day.

Green Hydrangea. A favorite with brides. This fluffy head of delicate color plays well with others.

Hanging Amaranthus. With long soft bracts of green florets, Amaranthus can look positively prehistoric, but in reality, they feel like velvety chenille.

Next time you are thinking of a bouquet or arrangement, think Green!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Carrie Loves Flowers!

Does anyone out there miss Sex and The City? Anyone? Well, recently I decided to dust off the old DVD's and watch some random episodes. And do you know what I was struck by? Carrie Bradshaw loves flowers! Yup. Loves 'em. And to prove it, here's a montage of some of her flower-themed fashions for your viewing enjoyment.

This ivory dress with the huge hibiscus is gorgeous, but I can only imagine, somewhat inconvenient!

I love many of her choices, but I have to say this bizarre hat leaves me with many unanswered questions...

Here's a two-fer. Both Carrie AND Charlotte are wearing flowers! Unusual for Charlotte, as her style was more prim and proper...usually solid colors and not particularly flashy.

This long black sheath is beautiful, and with the addition of the multi-hued flowers, becomes a can't-miss!

I love this white and black coat with the zany floral pattern. You just know you're going someplace fun wearing this! And don't even get me started on the shoes...

Another GIANT Flower Pin...

I love this green on both the coat and the dress. Brave and lovely. But then, anything would look nice with Mr. Big hanging off of it!

Did you know that Bloomers has beautiful REVERSIBLE jewelry? Two completely different looks for the price of one. How very Carrie Bradshaw!