Friday, November 30, 2012

Floral Hairdressing

Have you heard of Takaya Hanayuishi?
A Japanese artist, he began his career in the culinary arts. 
He then moved on to Floral Hairdressing, and as you'll see, the results are spectacular!

 Blue flowers are always dramatic. 
But this headpiece of Scabiosa, Tweedia and Delphinium
is simply stunning!

This tall conical construction of pink carnations, hydrangea and snowberries 
is very reminiscent of the style that Marie Antoinette favored in the 18th century..

 Wouldn't this ivory rose and ivy band be lovely for a bride?

No flowers here! Simply Equisetum and Ferns.
But what an unusual use of these materials!

 Oh my goodness! I can't imagine wearing this, but isn't it spectacular? 
And the mix of flowers is masterful. Orchids, sweet peas, cosmos, hydrangea...
the list of blooms goes on and on!

 Wear your veggies! 
This composition of broccoli, radishes, peppers, sprouts and even beans is magical,
and reminds me of the art of Giuseppe Arcimbold.

This headpiece of Bittersweet may not be comfortable to wear, or even elegant, 
but there's no denying that it is dramatic!

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Saturday, November 10, 2012


Are you a fan of Ikebana?

The word "ikebana" translates roughly to "bring life to flowers". 
Re-cutting and then arranging a flower is a new life for it.

Traditionally, Ikebana designs were based on 3 main lines, 
symbolising the harmony between heaven, man, and earth. 

So, a true Ikebana design would never be stuffed with flowers or greenery. 
The "space" is just as important as the actual materials used, as is the container itself.

Ikebana is a traditional art form with a long history. 
Beginning with floral offerings to Buddha, the art eventually evolved. 
Today, in Japanese homes, an Ikebana arrangement would be given prominence
 by being placed in a special alcove known as a tokonoma.  

Today, different styles of Ikebana are taught throughout the world,
such as Nageire, which utilizes an upright container,
and  Moribana, using a shallow bowl-type of container. 

There are many, many more details to Ikebana, 
and if your interest is piqued, I'd suggest buying a nicely illustrated book
and a few basic supplies to get started. 

 But be warned: you may get hooked!

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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Color and Scent

Color and Scent are two things that you may not give much thought to...
until they are missing or perhaps, unpleasant. 
But both are actually very important in our day-to-day lives. 

Consider this: food in your fridge may look fine,
you'll know instantly!

A certain perfume or cologne can remind you of someone you've not seen in ages. 

Out on the road, if we weren't able to distinguish colors, (red from yellow from green, say), 
we would have to rely on the shapes of road signs to help us...

Restaurants know that color is important. 
Blue and purple are appetite suppresants, so if you're planning to open a diner soon, 
this would not be a good choice for your decor. 
However, studies have shown that red is an appetite stimulator, 
and that diners given red plates ate more and stayed longer.

Retailers have discovered that shoppers are drawn to stores with pleasant scents, and
they will linger longer, increasing the chances that they will make a purchase.
Welcome to  "Scent Marketing".

Smart realtors know to burn apple or cinnamon candles at their open houses, 
and have fragrant potpourri strategically located throughout the home. 
Nothing turns off a potential buyer quicker than smelly trash or kitty litter!

Yellow a vibrant color and is the feng shui color of sunshine.
Use it in places where you need help making decisions, protection from depression in winter,
or relief from panic and nervousness.
This room above may not be your decorating style, but you can't deny that it just feels cheerful!
Conversely, yellow in a restaurant has been found to be an irritant.

Green is nature's color. Restful, and great to use when you feel you need a boost or change.
Doesn't this all-green floral arrangement give you a lift?

Blue is the color of calm, and inspiration, and also one of the most popular colors in decor. 
(remember collecting blue glass bottles?)

In your home or office, subtle scents will make a difference in your day.

Rosemary represents friendship,  and it's scent can help improve your memory. 
It  is one of our most requested greens for bridal bouquets, signifying rememberance.

Lavender, one of the most popular natural scents, has a calming effect. 
Use it for relaxation and stress reduction.

Eucalyptus is a scent that you either love or hate. 
Some think it is fresh and stimulating; others find it cloying and herbal. 
Popular in aromatherapy, Eucalyptus is an anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial.

Whether it's color or scent, make a point of incorporating both into your daily life, 
and I promise you will see a difference!

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