Monday, June 24, 2013

Montreal Mosaiculture International

Every year in Montreal, Canada, a glorious display of garden artistry appears in the Old Port.
 It's called Mosaiculture Internationales, and when I say it appears,
 that's not to assume that it takes no effort for this project to happen.
It requires a phenomenal amount of planning and work to pull this off,
with hundreds of thousands of visitors over the course of just a few months.

From June 22 to September 29 this year, an entire area of the Old Port will be dedicated to this fantastic display of fanciful designs constructed entirely of plant materials.
The complex art of Mosaiculture dates back to the 15 century, the Italian Renaissance.
Today, the design begins with a 2 or 3 dimensional artwork.
Then, plants are selected and grown specifically for the competition.
 A wire frame is constructed, and the flowers and greenery seedlings planted in wired soil by hand.
Once they have achieved their desired size, they are transported to the site.

Countries are invited to submit their designs and may win the Grand Prize,
or People's Choice Award.
Greece won a Gold Medal with it's entry of the Parthenon a few years ago.
France submitted it's iconic Eiffel Tower...
Submitted by the Government of Quebec,
this entry won the People's Choice award a few years ago.
This is one of my favorites
from a few years ago, submitted by the city of  Paris, France.
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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Fairy Gardens

 Fairy Gardens are hot! Not sure what a Fairy Garden is?
Similar to a terrarium, a fairy garden is a miniature garden "room" complete with live plants
and decorative items such as houses, fairy statues, stepping stones and all manner of
gardening accessories.
The biggest difference is that there is no lid, as in a terrarium.
Your plants selections will have more room to grown,
and are only limited by the look you are striving for.
You can let your imagination run wild in a fairy garden-
some particularly elaborate examples even have fountains with running water and solar lights!

You can re-create that dream home you've always wanted,
complete with overgrown garden and white picket fence.

...or a wonderful walled-in version that is fresh from the Cotswolds in England.

Whimsy is definitely allowed in a fairy garden!

 A birdbath is the perfect place for your fairy garden.
I love how this one is built on a "hill", adding interest and depth.

                                                      Fairy Gardens...home sweet home!

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