Saturday, April 30, 2011

TrendSpotting: Lace

Last week's post touched on color trends, with Pantone selecting Honeysuckle as the color of the year. Another trend that is turning out to be huge this year is lace. Yes! That old-time decorative element is back, it's BIG, and it's very fashion-forward. Witness Kate Middleton's choice of lace for her royal wedding gown, which was hand cut by artisans at the Royal School of Needleworkers. Turns out that designers from all walks of life are taking a fresh look at lace and turning it on it's head. Even wedding dresses are suddenly all about lace, but on a simple silhouette, keeping it fresh and modern.

Givenchy toughens it up in a chic black lace stilletto bootie.

Artist Cal Lane welds steel works, and I love that flowers are integrated into this "lace" wheelbarrow art piece!

Aurelie Biderman makes it luxe in an 18k. gold cuff!

These ceramic vases remind me of old-fashioned crochet doilies.
Does anyone remember doilies?

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Sunday, April 17, 2011


Whether you realize it or not, you follow trends. We are immersed in trends in our everyday life, without even trying. In all things decorative, color is one of the most important considerations. Decorators and designers from all walks of life keep a sharp eye on style and color,
which ultimately makes life easier for the consumer...
we're assured that colors of items we are buying this year will coordinate with each other.
Consider this: would you buy a Harvest Gold refrigerator this year?

In the floral industry, color is one of our top considerations.
Designers watch trends closely. You may have heard that the "color of the year" for 2010 was turquoise. And we surely saw many variables of that color over the year, in events from small weddings to large corporate functions!

For 2011, Pantone has selected Honeysuckle as the Color of the Year.
Not a shy color, honeysuckle is a strong pink, and definitely in keeping with one of the trends this year called "Techno-Glam".

Fuschia and navy will be featured colors in this trend, accented by metallics and lots of bling. Design may still be traditional, but also stylized and clean at the same time. Rather than a floral arrangement packed with a dozen different types of flowers, "Techno-glam" styled arrangements will focus on 2-3 types. Color and style are the point, rather than a 'mass'.

This simple arrangement (above), is composed of only white roses, Ornithogalum and but a few greens, dressed with white angel hair, in a simple white cup and saucer.
Compare this to that old stand-by the Daisies-in-a-Coffee-Cup arrangement from years ago!
So much more fresh and modern.

This gorgeous arrangement is a perfect example of "Techno-glam". The mirrored glass vase is beautifully accented with silvery balls, which then play off the lovely soft blush of the roses.

Is "Techno-Glam" the right style for you?

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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Fulvio Bonavia

Here's an artist you won't see on every street corner.
His name is Fulvio Bonavia, and I just love his design ideas!
As a photographer and graphic designer, he combines fresh flowers, fruits, veggies and plants
to construct everyday items. They may be for fun, for an advertising client, or for his book, recently released.
His creations aren't comfortable, or even useful,
but they certainly are unique!
Isn't this
football mum atomizer is adorable?

This great stilletto's bands are made of flax leaves.This daisy bikini bottom won't cover much...A darling helmet of Allium blossoms

All I can say about these clogs is ouch!

For more on Fulvio, check out his book: "A Matter of Taste"

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"Jewels" at the Philadelphia Flower Show

At the recent Philadelphia Flower Show, I expected to see an exhibit or two where designers were asked to interpret an item in flowers. And what I saw was pretty impressive!

I love how this designer cleverly interpreted Van Cleef and Arpel's wildly popular Alhambra design. Remember, this is composed of all natural materials!

The delicacy of this pin is astounding.

This lovely little clutch purse took the prize for first place-and rightly so!

This designer chose a whimsical path...
and it was especially in keeping with the Parisian theme of the show.

Do you recognize the 'wings'? They're the seed pods of Maple trees!

Have you seen the floral "jewelry" at Bloomers?
They're perfect for proms and weddings, and custom made just for you!

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