Saturday, November 26, 2011

DIY Weddings

There's a new trend in weddings on the rise...the Do It Yourself Wedding.

This is not to say that the bride and her family intend to do everything themselves.
Instead, it's a reference to a certain look, a vintage/handmade feel, where everything from the decor to the food has a more personalized feel.

For instance, instead of a formal sit-down dinner, some brides are opting for a full array of unique hors d'oeuvres, where guests will be treated to bites of wonderful foods they may not have tried before.

They may pull their color scheme in with a 'candy bar',
where multiple containers hold an assortment of candies, beautifully presented.

Instead of a traditional cake, perhaps a Cupcake Tower...

Of course, the bride will want to be unique in her dress as well, and color is appearing everywhere. From colored embroidery and stones to a pop of color in her shoes, today's bride is all about expressing her personality with color!

For table decor, huge matching centerpieces are giving way to mix-and-match flowers and containers. For outdoor events, colored bottles and jars can be filled with an assortment of blooms in the bride's color palette.
For a more formal look tables filled with single-bloom containers are hot right now.

And the all-important bridal bouquet is much more personalized.
From a burlap wrap to all-succulent bouquets, today's bride wants to express her unique personality in every aspect of her special day.

Even photography is less formal, less expected.
Today's bride is more likely to jump into the ocean wearing her wedding dress,
than she is to pose for the expected formal portrait.

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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Floral Headressing

On the fashion runways this year, no accessory was more interesting than the floral tiaras from Meadham Kirchhoff designers. Perfect for those days when you're feeling princess-y!

London-based milliner Nasir Mazhar is responsible for Lady Gaga's metallic orbit headpiece, which was eye-catching in itself, even without flowers.
But these tiaras are beautiful because they aren't 'prissy".
Nasir uses crystal and antique porcelain flowers,
which he trolls London's Covent Garden market for.
Truly works of art.

Isn't this one darling?
Look closely-the little ballerina spins in front of her mirror!
I love the jewels, organza and whimsy of this one.

They do remind me of something I've seen before...
perhaps this beauty on Elizabeth Taylor?

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