Saturday, January 30, 2010

Why Buy Valentine Flowers?

Another Valentine's Day is just around the corner. Did I hear a huge sigh? As a florist, I've heard it all: "Valentine's Day? Phooey! It's just an excuse to make me spend my hard-earned money on flowers." "Flowers don't last." "Flowers are a waste of money".

Let's review why this perception came about. Probably the biggest reason is poor quality of past purchases. I am never surprised to discover that someone who is 'down' on flowers, generally buys them grocery stores or corner convenience store. Those tired blooms have suffered from poor quality control and will never be good value for your money. Purchasing from a reputable florist will guarantee that your flowers have been properly cared for all along their travels, with the added bonus that you will also receive information on how to extend the life of your investment.

Another reason is boredom. Every year, the same tired 'dozen in a vase with baby's breath" is trotted out, touted as THE Valentine gift. But who says it has to be red Roses? Try pink Tulips instead! Or a heart-shaped wreath of purple Dianthus! A good florist will have a loads of innovative ideas for you, in all price ranges, and your recipient will be even more delighted with a creation that's out of the ordinary. You could even skip the vase entirely-a gorgeous hand-tied bouquet of beautiful blooms is just as appreciated. Try finding that at the local grocery store!

But isn't the true purpose of giving flowers at Valentine's Day to make the recipient happy? Perhaps this is the very first time someone has ever received flowers! You will touch and delight him or her in a way that can't be measured in dollars. And even if it's the hundreth time you've given this person flowers, he or she will still be thrilled.

Let Bloomers help you thrill someone this Valentine's Day!

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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Why Use A Real Florist

Buying flowers to send as gifts is a much different proposition than it was years ago. With the advent of the computer, there really is no need for anyone to utilize a 'wire service" anymore. If you're looking to send flowers to someone in the next town, the next state, or around the world, you need do nothing more than look online for a local florist in your friend's town. Or if you already have a relationship with your local florist, he/she can suggest a reputable florist, or place the order for you. Why trust your special bouquet to someone sitting in a cubicle?

The next big question is cost- do you really know how much of what you spend goes towards the actual flowers? Those lovely wire service photos showing a full bouquet of roses is quite likely not what your friend is going to receive. Read the fine print...and don't be deceived by the photos that most often show many more flowers than will actually be included.

How do you know who you are calling? Check them out with Better Business. Ask what their physical address is. A bonafide florist will be glad to tell you where he or she is located. A call center or "Basement Betty", (someone who works out of their home), will be much more hesitant.

When using the Yellow Pages, be alert to ads that use leading words such as "your local florist", or "your hometown florist". Especially when no address is listed, these are often fronts for Order Gatherers and should be avoided.

A local florist will deliver your beautiful bouquet by hand. Isn't that much nicer than having a crushed box sitting on the doorstep, left to the elements? (Not to mention the flowers will be stressed from lack of water!)

Keep business local-use a home-town florist the next time you'd like to send flowers.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Fusion Flowers

The floral industry has come a long ways from the ubiquitous Daisies in a Coffee Cup bouquet. Today's modern florists are using new methods, new materials and new design techniques. And with the globalization of the flower industry, we have access to really fresh and innovative materials all year round.

Much of what's been considered 'old' is new again, in a new "incarnation"! In the 60's, Carnations were all the rage, then later gained a reputation as a cheap filler flower. No longer! Today's Carnations are full and fluffy, longlasting, sometimes sweetly scented, and gorgeously colored. Bloomers recently did a wedding where the bride requested nothing BUT Carns, and it was gorgeous.

Moving away from the tried and true, designers are structuring arrangements with more than just flowers. Leaves of all shapes and sizes may be glued, woven, stapled, bent, twisted or submerged. Wire may be used in place of ribbon. Powdered foam used instead of plain water. Fruit or vegetables may be incorporated. Flowers may be suspended or appear to be floating in air.

With Valentine's Day just around the corner, why not go for something original this year? While there is nothing wrong with the 'Classic 12", a dozen red roses arranged in a glass vase with greens, an innovative florist can design something completely fresh that will wow your sweetie this year! Instead of relying on the wire service's tired offerings, call your local florist and ask what she can do especially for you!

Have you placed your Valentine's Day order at Bloomers yet?

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Hawaiian Lei

A Bloomers customer recently asked us to make some lei for a Hawaiian party she was attending. Which of course got me thinking about lei in general! Here is what I found:

The word Lei itself means wreath and is traditionally given in greeting or congratulations. When many lei are presented, it's called "piling", and this photo shows why!

Hawaiians are fortunate to have a plethora of material to work with such as: Orchids of all colors, Black, White and Brown Kukui Nut, Seashells, Sea Grape, Tuberose, Crown Flower, Plumeria, Ti Leaves, and yes, even Carnations, just to name a few.

Immigrant workers in the 19th century brought flowering plants with them when they immigrated to Hawaii. Over time, these new varieties were slowly adapted for use in making leis. The Chinese brought Chinese violet and Jasmine; missionaries brought the American roses; and the Portugese brought the Plumeria. Today, Thailand imports the Dendrobium Orchid in huge quantities, and these have replaced the Plumeria lei traditionally used at airport greetings.

But lei are not limited to fresh flowers. They can also be constructed of paper, plastic flowers, origami, feathers, leaves, fish teeth and even money! In effect, a lei is a series of anything strung together for the purpose of wearing. This beauty (below) is rare, composed of Bougainvillea blossoms.

Bougainvillier Lei

Here, the original King Kamahameha statue, on the Island of Hawaii, is draped with 13-foot lei for his special day.


Here are some made with nuts, orchids, shells, leaves- what a beautiful assortment!


Having a Hawaiian-themed party of your own? Bloomers can help add that special note of authenticity with real-flower lei!

Monday, January 4, 2010

New Year's Resolution

It's a New Year. And as Barack Obama said, it's time for Change! Out with old thinking, and in with the new! In case you've not yet made your New Year's Resolution, here are a few to consider:

Resolve to buy flowers for yourself, for no reason at all! When it comes to flowers, Europeans have the right idea: for them, buying flowers is as important as buying bread. Flowers make life just that much more special, and doesn't everyone deserve that?

Resolve to make flowers part of your life. They are a small joy that you can give to anyone, anytime. And is there any more 'green' gift than flowers? They needn't be expensive. Even a simply classy bud vase will lift someone's spirits-no need to wait until a holiday or special occasion. And to ensure that your purchase will be long-lived, buy your flowers from a reputable florist rather than the corner store! Remember that flowers make at least two people happy: the giver and the receiver!
Resolve to call a local florist instead of a wire service. With the advent of the internet, the need for wire services has gone the way of the dinosaur. Most good florists have their own website where you can order directly. You'll cut out the middleman, support a local florist and save money, all at the same time!
Do you need help placing an order out of town? Bloomers can help!