Friday, December 7, 2012

2013 Color of the Year

It's official! 
Pantone, the color people have announced that 2013's color of the year is Emerald.

I had a feeling this was coming...
I've noticed a spate of emerald dresses on Red Carpets over the past few years.
Angelina Jolie may have started it with her Atelier Versace gown at the 2011 Golden Globes.
But then along came Mila Kunis in her Vera Wang one-shoulder,
and Elizabeth Moss' elaborately draped Donna Karan strapless.
And Catherine Zita Jones was elegant in a Monique Lhuillier ballgown.


So get ready!
This strong color will appear in products ranging from furniture to fashion.
The cosmetic giant Sephora has even paired with Pantone to come up with a range of nail polish colors,
and this green hue is called "Evergreen"...
Are you bold enough to wear it? 

The human eye is able to detect more shades of green than any other color in the spectrum.
  Green is certainly the most abundant hue in nature.
You can see this clearly when you're in the garden...lime, pine, chartreuse, fern, moss, olive...
the shades of green seem endless.

On the color wheel, purple is the opposite of green, so pairing these two can't go wrong. 
Emerald also works with yellow, and even pink...
Look how the green Dianthus makes this pink Peony pop!

So what can you pair this strong color with? 
In your home, pairing it with turquoise will give off a coastal vibe. 
Or use it as an accent color, such as these gorgeous throw pillows.

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