Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Fabulous, Flavorful Flowers

lowers and food have been a natural combination since as far back as biblical times. You probably have something in your pantry right now that can trace it's roots back to some flower or other.

Flowers and chocolate-a classic combination, but even more interesting when combined into one! You can find a myriad of online companies offering artisanal chocolates infused with rosewater, lavender, orange water, even chilies!

To spice up your Martini time,
you can add floral-infused essences such as
Rose petal, or French Lavender Essence.

I even found a company that will send you a scrumptious cake decorated with real flowers, packed in a beautiful box decorated with silk flowers. Whew, talk about indulgent!

To make your tea time truly unexpected, try the"blooming tea" (which you can find at Bloomers), a small ball of tightly wrapped tea which, when steeped, magically turns into a beautiful 'flower".

There are any number of jams made of rose petals, orange blossoms, lavender. You need never settle for plain ole' grape jam again.

If you would like to decorate your own food item, you can buy
real sugared rose petals. (Easy to make them yourself:
buy organic, non-sprayed roses. Dip each petal in egg white, then dredge in sugar. Let dry on a rack, and you're done!) You can do the same with pansies, too.

I found a recipe for making ice cream with rose essential oil. (I love roses, but I'm not sure so about using them this way.)

Of course, there are dozens of flowers that can be eaten on their own...the one that comes to mind most often is nasturtium, which has a peppery bite, and is often used in salads. Stuffed zucchini blossoms are a popular item on restaurant menus, with a myriad of filling options such as crab or cheese. Chive blossoms have a light oniony flavor. You can find an entire list of edible flowers at: www.whatscookingamerica.net

Doesn't it seem that flowers always always seem to be a part of our lives?

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