Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Science of Flowers and Feelings

While channel-surfing a few weeks ago, I happened across an interview with one of those famous-for-being-famous gals. Having had a bad year, she was asked what she does when she needs cheering up. With a straight face, she replied that she had a drink (or three!) It got me thinking: with the times being what they are, and everyone having multiple worries, isn't this exactly when flowers are called for?

Researching this, I found many studies that have been conducted over the years by universities and scientists alike, and all have arrived at the same conclusion: Flowers can help decrease depression! Nursing homes have known this for years, finding that their elderly patients (men and women alike) are less stressed when they can experience flowers in their surroundings.

Americans have a vastly different outlook on flowers than Europeans do. There, buying flowers for one's self is as accepted, and expected, as buying the daily loaf of bread or carton of milk. In the U.S. we have unfortunately convinced ourselves that flowers are an indulgence, an extravagance, a luxury that we do not owe ourselves.

Flip through your favorite home decorating magazine. You'll notice that virtually every room will have at least one flower arrangement, possibly more, be it a few simple stems in a pitcher, or a full-blown arrangement taking center stage. Why? Because designers know that flowers make a room feel warm and lived-in. Though I occasionally have a bride who tells me she 'doesn't like flowers', can you imagine a wedding without them? How would you feel at a funeral void of flowers? Funeral directors have known all along the power of flowers to comfort. And when a friend is ill, don't you bring flowers?

In this time of stress and worry, of too many holiday commitments, you do deserve flowers! (And it's much less expensive than redecorating!)

I wish everyone a safe and Happy Thanksgiving!


Anonymous said...

Point well taken! I suppose it is our Puritan beginnings -- to feel we don't "deserve" the treat of getting ourselves flowers.

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