Monday, March 30, 2009

It's OK to Play With Your Food

When you are a florist, finding new ways to make a flower arrangement interesting is a daily challenge. Utilizing fruits and vegetables is a fun way to turn an arrangement on it's head. Almost any fruit or vegetable can be used in this way-it really is just a matter of mechanics. The "Parisian Bouquet" on the left uses no flowers at all...just vegetables: some are 'bundled", others, such as the bright peppers, stand in as the 'flower".

You can use vegetables in the simplest way ever...such as this squash, hollowed out to become a vase for these gorgeous roses in a coordinating color.

Here's a lovely little centerpiece with ornamental cabbage and artichokes, their bright green color standing in for the greenery, and playing off the pink in the roses and tulips.

Try using asparagus as your 'vase'. Simply stand the stalks around a straight container, and tie them off with a decorative ribbon or raffia. Then add your complimentary blooms.

Citrus is another popular addition. Here's an arrangement with limes, orchids, and a few branches of curly willow. Great for a small centerpiece, and delightfully fragrant as well!

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