Sunday, July 26, 2009

Not "Just" Paper Flowers

Paper flowers. The name alone conjures up images of those huge crepe paper montrosities we constructed as kids. Rumpled and strangely colored, they bore absolutely no resemblance to a real flower!

So it was with some skepticism that I checked out the work of Jude Miller, a New Zealand native who makes 'paper flowers". I put that in quotes because, as you can see, these flowers are a world away from the flowers I mentioned above. You need to look very closely to realize that these are actually made of paper!

Jude's flowers are life-like, botanical sculptures, beautiful to behold, even more lovely to own! (She works only by commission). Studying a real flower for days, she then uses crepe paper, beads, wire, thread, and sometimes, Fimo clay to bring her subject to life.

Jude began making flowers in the 1990's, and quickly decided this was what she loved doing. Soon, her work was shown in Martha Stewart's Weddings, as well as being exhibited in the Royal Horticultural Society in London and New York.

So very lovely!


Anonymous said...

These are really incredible! She has quite a gift!

send flowers Philippines said...

Well,its not obvious that its only a paper flower huh?! Its quite beautiful I love the flowers so much.