Monday, August 17, 2009

More Flower Arranging Ideas

Now that summer is in full bloom, so to speak, you may be running out of ideas for displaying the bounty from your flower garden, especially if you are fortunate to have a large cutting garden.

First, think outside the box. (Or in this case, outside the vase!) Any kind of watertight container works. Really! Even if it's not watertight, you can slip a glass inside to hold water. Just be sure to test first.

Then, refer back to my past BloomersBlog, "How to be a Kitchen Sink Florist", outlining simple care and handling steps to assure long vase life for your blooms.

Next, start looking around! A bottle of wine makes a quick, casual vase, especially if the label is particularly attractive.

I have a collection of old pottery and stoneware...dishes, pots, containers of all sorts. I've kept them for just this reason. An old teapot, too chipped for it's intended use, makes a pretty vase; even nicer if you can coordinate the colors of the blooms to the container, as in this pretty-in-pink composition.

Just can't find a suitable container? Raid your fridge! You probably have a gorgeous watermelon in there, and it would make a fantastic container!

Cans of all sorts always make interesting containers, with their colorful labels and sometimes quirky artwork. The ethnic section of the grocery store is a great place to find these.

And of course, the very best thing to do with your flowers it to give them to friends for no reason at all! Why not leave a pretty posy on someone's doorknob-a nice surprise to come home to!

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