Saturday, January 30, 2010

Why Buy Valentine Flowers?

Another Valentine's Day is just around the corner. Did I hear a huge sigh? As a florist, I've heard it all: "Valentine's Day? Phooey! It's just an excuse to make me spend my hard-earned money on flowers." "Flowers don't last." "Flowers are a waste of money".

Let's review why this perception came about. Probably the biggest reason is poor quality of past purchases. I am never surprised to discover that someone who is 'down' on flowers, generally buys them grocery stores or corner convenience store. Those tired blooms have suffered from poor quality control and will never be good value for your money. Purchasing from a reputable florist will guarantee that your flowers have been properly cared for all along their travels, with the added bonus that you will also receive information on how to extend the life of your investment.

Another reason is boredom. Every year, the same tired 'dozen in a vase with baby's breath" is trotted out, touted as THE Valentine gift. But who says it has to be red Roses? Try pink Tulips instead! Or a heart-shaped wreath of purple Dianthus! A good florist will have a loads of innovative ideas for you, in all price ranges, and your recipient will be even more delighted with a creation that's out of the ordinary. You could even skip the vase entirely-a gorgeous hand-tied bouquet of beautiful blooms is just as appreciated. Try finding that at the local grocery store!

But isn't the true purpose of giving flowers at Valentine's Day to make the recipient happy? Perhaps this is the very first time someone has ever received flowers! You will touch and delight him or her in a way that can't be measured in dollars. And even if it's the hundreth time you've given this person flowers, he or she will still be thrilled.

Let Bloomers help you thrill someone this Valentine's Day!

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