Monday, April 19, 2010

Liberty of London

With Liberty of London experiencing a resurgence recently, I thought I'd have a look at the story of this venerable fabric company. Have you seen their pretty prints at Target recently? It's another of the upscale collaborations that has Target customers crying out for more.

In 1875, Liberty of London got it's start, oddly enough, as a result of Arthur Lasenby Liberty's interest in
Japanese Kimonos. After being denied a partnership at the renowned Regent Street shop of Farmer & Rogers, where he'd worked for many years, Mr. Liberty struck out on his own and with 1,000 Pounds borrowed from family, opened East India House right across the street. The shop was an overnight success, and caused Farmer & Rogers to close shortly thereafter.

Oscar Wilde is credited with bringing Liberty to the attention of Americans. On his 18 month tour of the States, he frequently mentioned Liberty prints as part of his interest in the Aesthetic Movement of design. The public could not get enough and Liberty hasn't look back since.

Though Liberty of London prints have had periods of perceived 'dowdiness", 21st century designers are looking at Liberty prints with a fresh eye. Check out this creation from Jean Paul Gaultier. This is a far cry from frumpy!

I love how Liberty recently "papered' the outside of their London shop with this great print. How cheeky!

I'll bet if you looked far enough into your closet, you'll find something with a Liberty of London print on it!

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