Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Springtime in Paris at the Philly Flower Show

Spring was bustin' out all over last weekend, on the first day of the fantastic
Philadelphia Flower Show!
With a theme of Springtime in Paris, a warm welcome was extended from the moment you stepped in from the wet and blustery Philly day outside.

I could have used this Eiffel Tower Umbrella!
And the chic beret would have been a jaunty touch to a chilly day.

I think this "jolie chapeau" is more up my alley, really...

These tiny Can-Can ladies were installed in a miniature vignette. Adorable!

And this interpretation of a flower market in Paris is spot-on.
The scent was intoxicating! What is France if not a flower-loving country?

You couldn't swing un chat without seeing an Eiffel Tower of some sort..

...even one done up in moss!

Not to mention a fabulous market cart heavily laden with all things french and fabulously fragrant...

Bloomers Floral Design
Flowers in the French Fashion!

122 South Front St. Wilmington, NC 28401



Rosemarie Bonk said...

Congrats! Deborah on your beautiful shop = did the three years fly by? Some day I would like to go to the Phila show. I always learn about it after the fact. I do believe it must have been beautiful. Again, congrats! Fondly Rosemarie PS Your arrangements are BEAUTIFUL. You have a great eye for design.

Anonymous said...

Looks like Bloomers is the place to go for French style florals. looks like the flowers were wonderful!