Saturday, April 30, 2011

TrendSpotting: Lace

Last week's post touched on color trends, with Pantone selecting Honeysuckle as the color of the year. Another trend that is turning out to be huge this year is lace. Yes! That old-time decorative element is back, it's BIG, and it's very fashion-forward. Witness Kate Middleton's choice of lace for her royal wedding gown, which was hand cut by artisans at the Royal School of Needleworkers. Turns out that designers from all walks of life are taking a fresh look at lace and turning it on it's head. Even wedding dresses are suddenly all about lace, but on a simple silhouette, keeping it fresh and modern.

Givenchy toughens it up in a chic black lace stilletto bootie.

Artist Cal Lane welds steel works, and I love that flowers are integrated into this "lace" wheelbarrow art piece!

Aurelie Biderman makes it luxe in an 18k. gold cuff!

These ceramic vases remind me of old-fashioned crochet doilies.
Does anyone remember doilies?

Bloomers Floral Design
122 South Front St.
Wilmington, NC 28401

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