Saturday, December 31, 2011

Speaking of Roses

At this year's MoMA Film Benefit, honoring film director Pedro Almodovar, attendees were greeted with an eye-popping wall of beautiful red roses. Designed by Raul Avila, the wall was comprised of 25,000 red roses, in 3 varieties: Cherry Love, Freedom, and Charlie.

The wall proved to be a popular spot for photo ops.
Here, actress Blake Lively strikes a pose.

You might ask, aren't all red roses alike?
Not at all!
Some of the differences in roses can be vase longevity, resistance to disease, head size,
stem length, number of thorns (less is more, to a florist!) and fragrance or lack of.

Based on these criteria, Freedom is easily the most popular red rose,
and the number one variety used by florists the world over.
If you are the lucky recipient of a red rose bouquet this Valentine's Day,
it will no doubt be comprised of Freedom roses, thanks to its classic shape,
gently rolling petals and long vase life.

Here is Cherry Love, with its bright red, large blooms.

Not all reds are created equal-
For instance, this 'Black Magic' rose, is actually a red rose as well!
It's deep dramatic coloring gives it the effect of being black,
especially when placed near other colors.

Sexy Red, a favorite of mine, is a deep red that opens into a huge, long-lasting bloom.
It's a scene-stealer !

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