Sunday, August 12, 2012

Flowers, En Masse!

Fashion designer Raf Simons made his debut recently,
newly installed at the House of Dior in Paris.
For his gala opening fashion show, the walls of the hall were festooned with flowers.
 In fact, 1 million blooms were used!

 Yes, you read that correctly.
One. Million. Blooms.
 Incredible! And all for an event that lasts 15 minutes.
Peonies, Roses, Dahlias and Orchids,
to name just a few of the varieties that were trucked in for this project.
Even more incredible is that these 'walls' were assembled in 4 days!

To create this beauty, hundreds of cases of flowers were trucked in,
then lifted with cranes standing ready in the street, and in through upper windows.
'Walls' of wet floral foam were constructed, and covered with chicken wire.
An army of workers clipped and inserted bloom after bloom, 
over and over again, until entire walls were filled.

 Suddenly, I am seeing massed flowers everywhere!
The artist Jeff Koons installed a floral puppy topiary
outside the Guggenheim Museum in Germany.

A few Haute-Hippie flower-bedecked vehicles have been spotted. Cute!

And how about this huge 'hand tied' bouquet? 
Gotta love it!

Bloomers Floral Design
122 South Front St.
Wilmington, NC 28401

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