Thursday, November 7, 2013

Are your Flowers Nude?


Nude in color, I mean! Yes, nude is the new hot 'color' for flowers.
Can't imagine what that can look like? Read on! 

Let's start with roses. A beautiful variety called "Sahara" is popular right now.
It's great with unusual fall accents, such as burgundy grasses.
A silvered vase is the perfect showcase, along with the silvery leaves of Lambs Ear.

Another, called "Café au Lait", a wonderful old garden rose.

There is also a Dahlia called "Café au Lait", too!

Helibores, with this interesting darker edge.

Nude is all the rage in fashion right now, too!
 Look down, and you will see a plethora of nude colored heels.
I love this updated Mary Jane from Manolo Blahnik.

Butter London has a great glittery nude nail polish.

Even the Duchess of Windsor is in on the nude fashion rage,
wearing a wonderful veiled fascinator and nude lace sheath.

How many outfits could you pair this fun nude scarf with?

But what color IS nude?
Perhaps the closest color would be blush, but without the pink.
It really has more of a slight brown undertone.
So adding items such as Uhule fern curls really brings out those tones.

Or the super-popular Chocolate Cosmos...

... or even Chocolate Queen Anne's Lace...


Is it time for you to get nude?
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