Tuesday, January 13, 2009

How Green is Bloomers?

Did you know that Bloomers has always been Green? A quick look:

Bloomers uses the new "SmartForTwo" car for floral deliveries. Have you seen it around town? At 42 miles to the gallon, it's ideal for deliveries and when filled with flowers, is quite a sight on the road!

Bloomers uses recycled bags for your purchase, and tissue for your flowers, called "Green Way", and both made in the USA!

carries the Envirosax tote...lots of great patterns and colors, and great for grocery shopping, as they roll up to fit into your purse. No more forgetting your tote bags in the car! They're also great for travel ( I stash one in each of my suitcases, so there's always one available.). Perfect for the beach: made of nylon and won't allow the sand to creep in. And there are even designs for the kids, so they can be environmentally conscious, as well as stylish, too!
Spent flowers and cuttings from floral arrangements made here at Bloomers are added to my home compost pile-they will help grow some of the flowers you'll find here later in the summer!

I tote supplies to and from the shop in my favorite bag from
British designer Anya Hindmarch. Have you seen them? These limited-edition bags caused quite a frenzy when they were introduced.

Are you thinking green?

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