Friday, January 23, 2009

Those Darn Carns!

I can hear some of you grumbling right now. "Oh no! Not carnations!" But hold on. I can change your mind. I too, may have been guilty of being a carnation snob in the past, but this being a new year, I've reformed! Read on:

Maybe it would help if we stopped referring to them as carnations; we'll use their Latin name, Dianthus. Right away they sound more elegant, don't they?

Martha Stewart is a big fan of Dianthus. This lovely white bridal bouquet is nothing but, yet is perfectly elegant, set off by the beautiful black ribbon. And how about this great heart? Again, nothing but, Dianthus!

When massed together in monochromatic bunches, dianthus can be chic and refined. (Not to mention relatively inexpensive!)

Florigene, an Australian company considered to be the world's first molecular breeder, has introduced a beautiful line of Dianthus in striking shades of purple, called the Moonseries. From lightest lilac to deep royal purple, these flowers will absolutely dispel your idea of carnations as cheap and common. They are a far cry from those sad grocery store carnations, spray painted or dipped in garish colors. Florigene initially attempted to create the world's first blue rose, which led to the isolation of the blue gene. They then succeeded in implanting this gene into Dianthus and the beautiful Moonseries was born.

The carnation signifies fascination, and is January's birthflower. Lucky you, January babies!

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