Monday, October 12, 2009

Truly Green Flowers

Browsing a bookstore recently, I came across an intriguing book called Green Flowers: Unexpected Beauty for the Garden, Container or Vase, by Alison Hoblyn. It may change the way you look at green!

The color green has always been an expected color in gardens and containers. The range of greens available is mind boggling, and there is one to complement every hue, from hot orange to palest pinks, from white to deepest burgundy. Green can be energizing, or neutral and restful
On the color wheel, it unifies blue and red.

As a florist, not a day goes by that I don't utilize something green in an arrangement, and that may not always be 'greenery"! Don't you just love this acid-green Fuji Mum? Here are a few other true green flowers you may not be familiar with.

Bells of Ireland: Contrary to the name, is a native of Turkey and not Ireland. Related to mint, which you'll recognize from the tiny leaves that sprout out of the top.

Midori Anthurium: The name means 'flower tail'-the long protrusion is covered with tiny florets. The back pad is really not the flower at all! Anthuriums, whether in this eye-popping green shade, or the more common red, are a prized, long-lasting Hawaiian tropical.

Super Green, Jade and Limbo roses-an unusual choice for any bride, and one that is sure to elicit ooh's and aaah's! A bouquet of this color is a beautiful compliment to pinks and aquas.

Dianthus' soft natural color will never be confused with those garish dyed carnations that make an appearance every St. Paddy's Day.

Green Hydrangea. A favorite with brides. This fluffy head of delicate color plays well with others.

Hanging Amaranthus. With long soft bracts of green florets, Amaranthus can look positively prehistoric, but in reality, they feel like velvety chenille.

Next time you are thinking of a bouquet or arrangement, think Green!

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philippine flowers said...

Wow! those green flowers were really gorgeous. I love them all. Wish I can also have green flowers on my garden. Anyway, thanks for sharing, I enjoyed reading it.