Sunday, October 4, 2009

Carrie Loves Flowers!

Does anyone out there miss Sex and The City? Anyone? Well, recently I decided to dust off the old DVD's and watch some random episodes. And do you know what I was struck by? Carrie Bradshaw loves flowers! Yup. Loves 'em. And to prove it, here's a montage of some of her flower-themed fashions for your viewing enjoyment.

This ivory dress with the huge hibiscus is gorgeous, but I can only imagine, somewhat inconvenient!

I love many of her choices, but I have to say this bizarre hat leaves me with many unanswered questions...

Here's a two-fer. Both Carrie AND Charlotte are wearing flowers! Unusual for Charlotte, as her style was more prim and proper...usually solid colors and not particularly flashy.

This long black sheath is beautiful, and with the addition of the multi-hued flowers, becomes a can't-miss!

I love this white and black coat with the zany floral pattern. You just know you're going someplace fun wearing this! And don't even get me started on the shoes...

Another GIANT Flower Pin...

I love this green on both the coat and the dress. Brave and lovely. But then, anything would look nice with Mr. Big hanging off of it!

Did you know that Bloomers has beautiful REVERSIBLE jewelry? Two completely different looks for the price of one. How very Carrie Bradshaw!

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