Sunday, March 7, 2010

And Speaking of Floral Cupcakes...

In last week's post I mused on the trend of using masses of cupcakes in place of a traditional wedding cake. Well, what if you aren't clever with a pastry bag? What if your baking skills aren't up to par? Then it may be time to create those "cupcakes" out of flowers!

WHAT? You've never heard of such a thing? Then here are some fun ideas for your next bash. This muffin tin (above) filled with carnation "cupcakes" is especially fun for birthdays, and, it's so easy: fill each muffin cup with a bit of wet floral foam, then insert your blooms and candles. Done!

Since carnations (Dianthus) come in so many great colors, you'll have fun matching them to your party's color theme. And they are relatively inexpensive. Order them in advance from your florist to assure they will be the freshest possible. Your guests will be closely scrutinizing your creation-this is no time to buy frumpy flowers!

And this chubby Cupcake-for-One makes a unique centerpiece! Two colors of Dianthus gives the impression of frosting. And remember to add the candle!

The pink carnations in this scrumptious creation perfectly sets off the 'chocolate' candle and cake pan. Yum!

These aren't exactly cupcakes, but I love these cocktail glass centerpieces. They're filled with colored floral foam, which provides the water needed for the white mums and the yellow rose topping the whole thing. Adding a slice of real limes and a color-coordinated straw is a fun touch.

Need something larger than 'cupcakes'? How about the whole "cake"? Daisies, roses, mums, Dianthus- what a fun surprise this would be!

Call Bloomers anytime. 910-815-8585. We can help you with your creation, or deliver one to someone special for you!
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