Tuesday, March 2, 2010

It's a Cupcake Wedding!

Cupcakes are all the rage! Have you noticed? At the last few weddings I've attended, the brides opted for 'cupcake cakes', rather than a traditional tiered confection. And they were lovely! Of course, wedding cupcakes don't have to be decorated with flowers, but many are (and of course are my favorites!). Here are some really beautiful examples. And you can relax- this page is calorie-free!

Floral-decorated cupcakes are well-suited to other occasions, too. Birthday parties, baby showers, anniversary celebrations-cupcakes just add an element of extra fun that a regular cake just can't match.

Isn't this one beautiful? I love the vintage-looking wrapper. Anything wrapped this gorgeously just has to taste good!

These fun laser-cut cupcake sleeves really elevate these beauties to a whole new level of yum!

I'm not sure why, but these particular floral cupcakes make me very hungry. I especially love that they have a fondant icing rather than the traditional gooey creme frosting. They'd be great for a bridal shower, or even a baby shower!

Now that I've whet your appetite for cupcakes, watch for next week's BloomersBlog, where I'll talk about real flower cupcakes and other goodies!

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