Sunday, May 16, 2010

Flowers UpClose

Whenever I am out and about, I am sure to have my camera with me. And the one thing that's guaranteed to have me lingering for a photo is a flower!

Close-up photography of flowers isn't difficult, but it does take patience. Not all cameras will zoom in as close as you'd like, so some trial and error will be necessary. Wasn't this creamy yellow Rose worth the wait?

Lighting will make a difference. Different times of day, different weather, different seasons, all have an impact on what your final result will be.

Close up flower photography can be a way to document a flower in whole or in part, or the photo can become an artform in its own right. This photo of a Calla Lily is beautiful in its subtle coloring. It almost looks like a landscape! You may not even be able to recognize a flower in an extreme close up, but the final result is still gorgeous.

Flower close-ups will often reveal secrets you may not have discovered otherwise. For instance, did you know that the common Dandelion is actually composed of 2 colors? To the casual glance, it may seem yellow, but on closer inspection, we see the subtle orange center revealed.

In my Montreal garden, a beautiful stand of Hollyhock "Nigra" would appear in different spots every year. And every year I'd photograph it. These spires sometimes reached 7 feet tall, with purple-black flowers all along the stem.

And every now and then, a visitor will make itself known...just as you're about to snap the shutter!

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