Monday, May 10, 2010

Our First Flower Class!

Our first Floral Design class was held back in March. Five brave participants signed up for the Sunday afternoon session, and what fun they had!

Flower selection was fierce! There were various colors of daisy mums to choose from, plus assorted color options for accent flowers and greens. And, everyone had different colors of mixing bowls to coordinate with. These were important decisions!
Mary Ann (center) found just what she wanted.

These 'beginner' designers were speedy! What started as nice neat buckets of daisy mums, ended with stems and severed flower heads everywhere!

The gals could choose their own color combinations.
Charlene chose all purple hues, and went with a 'more is more' effect.

Bonnie was pleased with her fresh yellow and white combo...

Gwen pondered the greenery...

A few chose to add a beautiful feather butterfly to their creation (above) - a nice touch!

Centerpieces complete, Class dismissed!

Watch for announcement of more Bloomers classes coming soon!

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