Sunday, August 15, 2010

Chocolate Weddings

Who doesn't love chocolate?
Brides surely do, as "Chocolate" is proving to be a popular color for weddings!
It melds well with peach, with pink, with green, with blue, even!

Start with the non-florals first: you can pull the color in with ribbon
and accessories, giving you a rich, yummy look.
Beautiful with this soft pink rose!

You'll need shoes, of course.
How about some fabulous brown peep-toe platforms?

Now you're asking, what flowers are chocolate colored?
Chocolate Cosmos comes to mind first.

And some gorgeous deep hues of Calla Lily.
Not truly brown, but such a deep burgundy that they work...

Then, some 'greenery', in the form of these unusual Uhule fern curls.

For the cake...what's better than chocolate fondant?
(Tastes something like Tootsie Rolls).
It's pliable, much like pie crust, and opens up a whole new world of design,
like this pink and brown beauty!

Whether it's brown, blue, green, or any other color,
Bloomers can help with your wedding designs!
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