Sunday, August 29, 2010

Traditional vs. Modern

Floral design has come a long way, even in the last 5 years.
The traditional "Dozen in a Vase" is now almost the exception
rather than the norm (except maybe at Valentine's Day).

I love nothing more for a customer to ask for "Designer's Choice", meaning we have no limits on what we can do! Instead of daisies, maybe we'll use chartreuse spider mums. Instead of a traditional red rose, perhaps we'll push that a bit further and use the Black Bokara rose. Uhule fern curls as accents. Wax flower in place of Baby's Breath. Pincushion Protea in place of, well, you get the idea. A truly innovative floral designer will choose blooms that are beautiful and unusual. And that means your floral gift will stand out from the crowd!

Here are a few ideas for shaking up the traditional floral order:

Instead of: "Dozen in a Vase with Baby's Breath" try this modern rose beauty:

Instead of "Funeral Spray" try this unusual design,
utilizing delicate tulips and branches:

Instead of "Baby Arrangement" ask for a fabulous mix of blooms, like this one,
utilizing orchids, roses, tulips, and hydrangea:
(who says it had to have Baby's Breath in it?)

Instead of a "Dinner Centerpiece with candles" try this
stunning conversation piece of roses and calla lilies
arranged in a unique container

Bloomers is known for innovative designs.
Perhaps you saw us at the recent Grand Opening of Wilmington Water Tours?
Call us next time you're looking to make a fresh impression!

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