Saturday, July 10, 2010

Flowers Underwater!

Sometimes a heavy rainstorm is good for more than just keeping you indoors.
It got me thinking about flowers and their relationship to water.
Which then led to submerging flowers in the arrangements!

I love how the pink tulips (above) are massed together in the vase, forming a pretty pink huddle and complimenting the orchids and branches.
Notice that everything looks magnified underwater!

Not all flowers will appreciate this treatment. For instance, anything with fuzzy leaves will not be happy completely submerged for very long. But there are many more that will be just fine, as will many greens. Changing the water often will be even more important with this type of arrangement, as will using a preservative.

Sometimes you just want to break the rules-and do something completely different!

Roses are a good choice for submerging. Their solid heads and straight, sturdy stems hold up well under the pressure of being submerged. Careful placement is key in this design. You may be able to see the bubbles that have formed around the edges of the roses...adding a magical touch!
Here, decorative glass marbles are used to help weight the flowers. You could also use a "kenzan", a Japanese flower frog. Kenzan literally means "pack of needles".
These are great for holding on to stems.

Orchids are another good possibility.
In this tall cylinder vase, they just seem to be floating lightly and delicately.
How lovely!

Adding candles, either in their own votive cups, or using the great underwater battery candles adds a touch of romance and atmosphere!

This 'bookend" vase is beautiful with the addition of yellow and cream calla lilies.
Though there is very little water, thanks to careful placement every stem has access to it.
This is a simple and effective design!

Submerged leaves of all sorts are an effective way to fill the space in very large vases,
such as these tall cylinder vases.
It's a great way to add interest to what would otherwise be a plain glass cylinder.

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Fantastic examples of submerged designs. Bloomers is definately on the cutting edge.