Sunday, July 25, 2010

"I Do" Balloons

I've noticed a trend building...balloons used in weddings.
And not just a few bunches here and there, but dozens and dozens!
Arches! Huge bunches! Intricately constructed adornments!

When done right, balloons can add a real air of celebration and fun.
And of course, they are available in a zillion colors,
so the chances are very good
that you can match your wedding color scheme.

You can be married under a balloon arch...Or really make an entrance!

Show off your dance floor with a balloon "gazebo" of sorts.

Have a halo over your head table...

...or highlight the yummies on your cake table.

There are so many novel things that can be done with balloons now.
Available to us are tiny battery lights that go right inside the balloon itself,
creating it's own sparkle and glow. Isn't this balloon 'chandelier' fabulous?

And when you think of balloons, don't just think simple single-color!
Think see-through, multiple-layer balloons. What fun!

Looking for new ideas for your wedding?
Call us at Bloomers anytime!

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