Sunday, October 3, 2010

Deconstruct a Bunch

At Bloomers, we often run Build-A-Bunch specials where customers may select their own flowers to take home. But what happens once those flowers arrive home?


First, think outside the box, er, vase.
Look around your house for unusual containers; things that you may not necessarily associate with flowers. Think pitchers, tea cups, mixing bowls, mason jars, even assorted pretty tins...

Lay all your flowers out on a table, then break them up.
For instance, if you have one tall stem, place that one into a tall, thin container by itself.
Suddenly, it will take on more importance.

Full headed blooms, such as carnations and roses look great grouped tightly together.
Try a tea cup, or a pretty glass.
This is a great way to use an item you love that may have a chip or crack in it.

The most gorgeous bloom? Float it in a gorgeous bowl.

Mums are the workhorses of the flower bunch.
Group them together using similar containers in varying colors.
You've just turned them into instant stars!

If you've picked up fall color flowers, a baby pumpkin is the perfect container!

Or hide a plain-jane glass vase behind a wall of veggies, like this asparagus!

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