Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Language of Flowers

Just about everyone has at one time or another, given flowers as a way of expressing a sentiment: "I love you." "Forgive me." "Congratulations!" "Happy Birthday!" "Happy Anniversary!" "I'm sorry for your loss"...

But did you know that individual flowers each have their own meaning,
many dating back to Victorian era?

The beautifully fragrant Lilac, a bush not easily grown here in the South, stands for humility.

The true flower of the South, the magnificent Magnolia, stands for Love of Nature,
the heavy scent is almost too much to bear.

Sunflower: haughtiness-really? Sunflowers are very nearly the national spokesperson for sunshine and happiness. They also stand for devotion, which certainly explains why so many brides are asking for sunflowers these days!

The Carnation, that flower everyone loves to hate-oddly enough stands for Woman's Love.
It is the bane of every florist, and suffers from a poor reputation. But really, what other flower has this combination of range of color, long life, spicy fragrance, and a budget-conscious price?

Lily of the Valley, meaning Return of Happiness.
That description certainly suits this scented sweetie,
returning every spring no matter how cold the winter or how much snow has fallen.

Tulip: stands for fame.
How appropriate, given the lengths that 18th century Europeans went to
secure even one bulb of tulip!

Rose: Love, passion. The Latin name Rosa means "red".
Different colors have their own varying meanings such as white for friendship, yellow for joy,
and light pink for beauty, to name just a few.

Bloomers and flowers: a true match!

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