Sunday, November 14, 2010

What's an Armature?

The dictionary defines armature as : "A framework serving as a supporting core for the material that is used to make a sculpture". With this in mind, florists the world over are using armatures in innovative ways, concocting gravity-defying designs that delight and astound. Europeans are leading the way in armature-style arrangements. But even mom-and-pop florists are jumping on the design wagon and using some of these techniques to freshen up their everyday offerings.

When seeing some of these design, some questions may come to mind: Where's the water source? What's holding up those blooms? How long will this last? Who is the customer for this type of arrangement? The answers will vary. For instance, this design (above) has no water source. The wire-wrapped leaves act as the armature for the assorted blooms above, all placed on a flat tray. This may be used as a centerpiece for a particular occasion-not needed for more than a few hours. Perfectly appropriate for your dining table!

At the other end of the spectrum, this unusual design took hours to construct. It is meant for a high-end event, with a price to match. Here, the sticks act as the armature, both horizontally and vertically. The flowers are nearly an afterthought. But the effect is beautiful!

Another high-end design, this one extremely complicated to construct, and using relatively few blossoms. The majority of design time was spent constructing the twig armature, but the end result is that the blooms and leaves are more focused.

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