Sunday, May 22, 2011

Garden of Cosmic Speculation

Hold on to your hats! This is one eye-popping garden design you won't see on every corner. Scotland's Garden of Cosmic Speculation was designed in 1989 by Charles Jencks, an American architectural theorist, who is becoming a leading figure in the British landscape movement.

This magnificent garden is actually Jencks' own garden, located at Portrack House, in Dumfries, Scotland. His landscape work, including this spectacular example, is "inspired by fractals, genetics, chaos theory, waves and solitons". Ummm, ok! Whatever inspires it, it's fabulous!

Flowers, plants -really anything natural takes second place behind the mathematical calculations evident around every turn. Natural features, such as existing trees and swaths of lawn, are contrasted with artificial symmetry, giving the entire property a "Cat in the Hat" feel to it. Magical!

Alas, the garden is only open to the public one day a year!
The money raised on the one open day is donated to a cancer charity named for Mr. Jencks' wife.

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Amazing! You always seem to be able to find interesting and inspiring subjects. I love your blog!