Saturday, June 4, 2011

Year of the Zinnia

The National Garden Bureau recently announced it's selection of the Zinnia as Flower of the Year. The organization has selected a flower and vegetable for this honor every year since 1982, and helps showcase varieties that are versatile, easy to grow and widely adaptable throughout the country. The name Zinnia is derived from the German botanist Johann Gottfried Zinn (1727-1759)

Not familiar with the Zinnia? Originally from Mexico, it now can be found in gardens throughout the country, and are generally started from seed. In milder areas, they may re-seed the following year-a bonus! The beautiful coloration on this variety reminds me of a Mexican sombrero.

Butterflies love Zinnia- another bonus! You'll have your choice of colors if you plant Zinnias-the number of varieties available is countless! They can be as small as a quarter, and go up from there. One variety I particularly love is called "Cut and Come Again", as the more flowers you cut, the more flowers are produced. What's not to love?

Love a 'splashed" flower?
Then look no further than the Candystripe Zinnias.

Maybe you've composed an all white-and-green garden?
Then Zinnia "Envy" is the one for you!
This chartreuse color makes everything around it just pop.

Zinnias are easy to start from seed, and are drought tolerant-which makes them a great choice for our hot southern gardens. Though they are prone to mildew, it's easily controlled. (mix baking soda and water, then spray onto plants). And with all the varieties available, you're sure to find a color that works in your garden or container!

Wondering what the 2011 Vegetable of the Year is? Why, it's the tasty Tomato!

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