Saturday, July 30, 2011

El Ain Paradise Gardens

Located in the city of Al Ain, the United Arab Emirates, the Paradise Garden was recently awarded the Guinness World Book of Records- for the most hanging flower baskets!
2,968 baskets are arrayed throughout the 363-acre garden, which represents the latest in landscaping and irrigation technology.

Surrounded by desert, the lushness of this garden makes the feat even more remarkable.
With more than 10,000 flowers, this garden is considered to be in the forefront of water conservation and irrigation.

This category did not previously exist with Guinness, and was created specifically for this garden. Wonder who will try to break the record next?

Incredibly, the park was closed for a time in 2010 due to vandalism,
where many baskets were pulled down, and structures damaged.
The good news is that the park re-opened in March of this year.

Entrance to the garden is free, and visitors are greeted with a replica of the Eiffel Tower,
which was again lit to signify it's resurrection from the vandalism incident.

Now, visitors are required to remain on the paths, and are strictly prohibited
from picking the flowers, facing fines if they choose to stray.

The park has also constructed a giant pyramid of flowers, growing right in the structure,
rather than the usual method of regularly-replaced cut flowers.
This design required a unique irrigation system, which has also been submitted to Guinness,
now studying the submission.

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