Saturday, July 30, 2011

Lovely Lilies

Who doesn't love the lily?
Symbolising peace, majesty and purity,
it it the flower of choice when an elegant floral is needed.

Lilies are found growing in the Northern Hemisphere.
The hot tropics are not for this cool-loving bloom!
There are approximately 100 varieties available, with varied shapes such as star, bowl or trumpet. Here, acres of lilies growing in a cool mountainous region of China.

Forget about lilies being "just" a funeral flower.
Here's a beautiful bridal bouquet composed of nothing but Stargazer lilies and lily grass.
Elegant, simple, beautiful and fragrant.

Though there are no blue lilies as yet, the multitude of colors that are available makes them a good match for so many other types of flowers, such as this monochromatic arrangement of peonies, alstromeria, roses and lilies.

Here's a gorgeous variety called "Oprah Winfrey",
very similar to one we used for one of our brides recently.

In the garden, this variety of tiger lily can reach 7 ft high, requiring staking.

In Holland, one lily farm alone ships out 180,000 stems weekly.
You can imagine, it's a massive undertaking to provide suppliers with lilies the world over...

You may have received or picked lilies at one time or another, and later found an orange stain on your hands or clothing. This is pollen, and most florists will remove these stamens before sending them out. However, as the buds open up, there will be others to remove...don't rub if it gets on your clothing! The best method of removing the stain is to use adhesive tape, pulling it off quickly. Repeat as needed until the stain is gone.
It's a small price to pay for such beauty...

Do you have lilies in your garden? Lucky you!
And if you don't, come see us at Bloomers!

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