Thursday, March 29, 2012

Prolong that Beautiful Floral Arrangement

Have you received a beautiful floral arrangement,
then wondered how to care for it?
Here are a few tips to help you get maximum enjoyment from your blooms!

If you received a vase arrangement,
your florist would have included a packet of floral nutrient:
don't throw it away!
For maximum life, change the water in the vase every few days,
and make use of the nutrient packet as directed.
It contains flower food as well as an anti-bacterial.
Nothing makes a flower fade faster than dirty water!

If your arrangement (such as a centerpiece),
is composed in floral foam,(known as "Oasis"),
it's vital that you keep this material wet.
Your flowers are drinking while in this material, and if left to dry,
well, your blooms will perish from thirst!

Remember that flowers have differing lifespans, and within a vase,
you may have some blooms that fade quicker than others.
Prolong your enjoyment by removing the spent blossoms.
You can begin cutting the stems shorter, or even use a different vase.
For instance, try cutting your Roses short and placing a trio in a julep cup-
so cheerful in a guest powder room or by your bedside!

Environment is important as well.
Never place your flower arrangement on a windowsill.
Though this window still life is pretty, it's a no-no!
Keep it away from hot or cold drafts.
Remove your arrangement from a room that may contain cigarette smoke.

Now, let's play with those flowers.
Have the Roses started to fade?
Pop the entire head off the stem, and use the petals in a beautiful bowl.
Add a few drops of essential oil and you have pot-pourri!

If your Sunflowers are looking less than sunny,
pull off the faded petals and you'll have a fabulous 'face'-
they dries nicely and can be added to another dried flower arrangement!
Florists love these so much we sometimes pull the petals off on purpose!

Tulips, though beautiful, have a mind of their own.
Did you know they continue to grow even after they've been cut?
For a different look, gently reflex their petals outward.
Suddenly you have a whole new flower!

You can do the same thing on a smaller scale with Alstoemeria,
giving you a fuller look.
Just a few stems of these can be a bouquet in itself!

Baby's Breath (Gypsophilia)has come a long way.
Gone are the spindly stems shoved into a tired arrangement as filler.
Today's varieties are full and fluffy.
They're even being used on their own in event work when a frothy romantic look is needed.
In your bouquet, they will probably be the last to go...
but no need to toss them away-they dry beautifully!

Next week: More tips on flower care!

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