Wednesday, April 4, 2012

More tips on Flower Care

In last week's BloomersBlog post, we reviewed basic flower care,
helping you prolong the life of that beautiful bunch of blossoms or arrangement.
We continue this week with a look at some other flowers and facts...

What flower is more majestic than the Lily?
Whether Asiatic or Oriental, lilies are comprised of a single flower stem, with multiple flower heads. The bottom flower opens first, with the rest following in succession.
Clip off the blossoms as they fade; this will encourage the rest to open.
Careful of the yellow pollen! It stains hands and clothing. Best to remove these carefully with a tissue. If you do get a bit on your clothing, don't rub! Lift the pollen off with strips of tape.

The show-stopping Hydrangea continues to be a favorite,
(regardless of Madonna's recent rant!)
The word "Hydrangea" is Latin for Water you a hint that this is a heavy drinker.
If you've received a bunch of cut hydrangea, your first stop should be the bathtub!
Yes, you heard right...those big blooms will love a bath in cool water,
from a few hours to overnight.
Then, when you're ready to place them in a vase, give them a sharp cut,
and place in clean water with floral solution.

Are you getting the idea that floral solution is all-important?

Peonies, with their heavy heads, occasionally suffer from weak stems.
Simply cut them short, and float in a beautiful bowl.
They'll continue to deliver joy for several days.

Curly Willow-those curly branches in your arrangement can have another life after vase!
Simply recut the stems and place in a container of clean water, changing frequently.
You'll start seeing small white 'legs''s beginning to root!
Once you have a strong network of these, it's ready to pot into soil.
Keep it moist, especially the first year,
and you'll be rewarded with multiple stems for your efforts.

Have questions about flower care?
Give us a call at Bloomers-we're here to help!

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Lissa (The Wedding Bistro at Bellenza) said...

Really helpful tips! Anything to keep flowers' beauty longer. Thank you!