Friday, April 20, 2012

Rustic Florals

Flowers by their very nature are rustic things...
in their natural home, they don't line up neatly,
leaves may be a bit chewed,
weeds intermingling with the blooms here and there.
This look can work for your floral decor, too!
Be it a centerpiece for a casual luncheon,
or a full-blown rustic-themed wedding,
incorporate some of these elements into your decor
for a back-to-nature look and feel.

A beautiful box filled with tulips and moss in a "pave" style is chic and elegant.

Nothing says rustic like burlap.
As a wrap for a country bride's bouquet,
this is about as from from fussy ribbon as you can get.

Used as a tablecloth, a runner, or simply as accents,
this humble fabric sets the tone.

Don't forget the branches!
From the majestic Manzanita to the curly willow with a mind of it's own,
branches bring the outside in.
The bleached Manzanita works beautifully in this lichen wreath.

Bark is Beautiful!
I'm not advocating that you go out and strip trees of their bark for this look...
be sure you're buying from a source that sells only naturally shed bark.

Rocks Rock!
Incorporate some beautiful stones into your tablescape for instant interest!

Moss is fantastic for adding texture.
You'll find crafters on Etsy who make moss placemats and runners.
Try marching a row of potted moss down the center of a long table.

Dianthus "Green Trick" can be a stand-in for pricey moss.
Would you guess it's a close relative of the Carnation?

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