Thursday, June 21, 2012

Baubles and Beads and Blooms

There's no question that flowers are beautiful on their own.
But sometimes you just want to add some bling...
maybe to your bridal bouquet or centerpieces.

Well, you have lots of options! 
You can add jewelry to your bouquet, perhaps a simple locket or jeweled buckle.

Wire is very effective in adding sparkle, as in this beautiful bouquet where it's used as a collar for the
pretty gathering of orchids, roses, carnations and hypericum berries..

Or you can go all the way, with a "Brooch Bouquet", made entirely of jewelry. 
This can be a true keepsake, one to pass down to the next generation, 
especially if it contains jewelry or bits that have a meaning to you and your family.

For centerpieces, you can add sparkle with beaded accents, such as these dainty pearls. 
They help carry the white from the Lilies and Alstromeria down into the container itself, 
creating a unified design.

Sometimes just a sprinkling of 'jewels' on the table is enough sparkle.
But these loops of silver wire, beaded at the tips, elevate this design of roses to spectacular!

And let's not forget underwater candlelight. 
Its sparkle is magnified by the water and really adds so much drama to even the simplest centerpiece,
such as this grouping of alstromeria.

 Ribbon should be more than an afterthought. 
It can take a few blooms such as these Peonies and transform them into a uniquely stunning bouquet. 

And let's not forget feathers...
they are available in a wide range of colors, shapes and sizes,
and when properly incorporated, can add drama or whimsey. 

And don't forget your guy- he wants bling, too!
Boutonnieres have come a long way from that tired single rose with artificial leaf accent.
Just about anything can be used-jewelry, beading, ribbon, feathers, buttons,
fabric: the list is endless!

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