Friday, July 6, 2012

Silver Jubilee Florals

With the 2012 Olympics about to begin, and the Queen's Silver Jubilee celebration, 
London has been all abloom this year! I thought I'd share some of the sights with you.

The Queen and Prince Phillip were immortalized with a sort of "Chia-Head" of their own...
50 different varieties of flowers filled these two giant terracotta pots. Each weighed over 1500 pounds!
They were presented to the Queen and will be installed at Buckingham Palace as a permanent fixture.

In real life, the Queen decorated herself with flowers...

and of course, others gifted her with blooms, too.

Shop fronts high and low were decorated to celebrate the event.
This lush rose storefront at Smythson is fabulous!

I particularly love this crown made all of roses and mums. 

An early photo of Elizabeth surrounded by colorful charming!

The Queen's beloved Corgis are immortalized in flowers at Ted Baker...

Even the Beefeaters are celebrated in blooms...
I love their whimsical aspidistra leaf helmets!

Long Live the Queen!

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