Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Fabulous Fall Flowers

The leaves may not have changed quite yet where you are, 
but fall is in the air, and with it, requests for fall bouquets here in the shop. 
Fall flowers are much more than orange mums and sunflowers arranged in a pumpkin!

This could be my new favorite colored rose
Called "High and Magic", it's a vibrant combination of yellow/peach/orange/red, 
depending on what it's arranged with.

Dahlias are a popular fall flower-and why not?
 The number of varieties and colors is astounding.
The dinnerplate dahlias are impressive...
some of these blooms can be a foot across!

For the fall bride, there are beautiful flowers in tones of peach (Calla lily,) 
burgundy (Leucadendron), orange (Roses
and interesting accents such as scabiosa pods, hypericum berries and branches of all types.
Even decorative Kale can be a beautiful element in a bouquet.

After a summer's absence, fall tulips make an appearance as well, in beautiful single colors, 
or some very cool striated shades, such as this gorgeous Parrot Tulip.

How about this over-the-top arrangement?  
Artichoke, Kale, pinecones, blackberries,
are just a few of the gorgeous elements used;
notice there are actually very few flowers.

And here's gorgeous Pincusion Protea that we have in the shop right now...

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Love your floral arrangements.