Saturday, October 27, 2012

Orchid Care

Orchid plants are a popular gift here in the shop.
Perhaps you've been the lucky recipient of one recently, and are wondering how to keep it looking it's best? Here are a few tips to help you along....

Probably the most popular orchid (and easiest to care for) is the Phalaenopsis.
They can be found in a multitude of colors, from white and yellow, on into the hot fuscias.

Water when the bark is dry to the touch, maybe once a week, and less in the winter.
Be sure your container has good drainage-often a gift orchid will arrive in a plastic-lined basket,
which will keep your orchid sitting in water-never a good idea!

Don't allow water to sit on the leaves.
The chemicals in tap water can create all sorts of fatal problems.

Though orchid blooms are long lasting, there will come a time when they will all be
 finished. At that point, cut the stem to just above a node (a bump in the stem). 

A north-facing window is ideal for orchids. Strong, harsh light is not! 
Remember, in the wild, these plants are sheltered under the canopy of large trees,
so they will be happiest in similar conditions in your home. 
You'll need patience, but after a few months, you should see some progress, 
and new blooms should begin to appear.

Check the roots for green color...this will tell you that your orchid plant is happy. 
Be sure to not cut the aerial roots!

Once you've had some success, you may catch Orchid Fever! 
Here are some other varieties you'll want for your collection.


 This is the beautiful (and fragrant) Cattleya orchid. 
The coloring on this particular variety is stunning!

 This is one of my favorites, and often requested in wedding work: the Vanda orchid. 
Love that bold purple color!

 Last, but certainly not least, the stunning Oncidium orchid. 
These tiny blossoms remind me of butterflies-so sweet!

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