Friday, November 30, 2012

Floral Hairdressing

Have you heard of Takaya Hanayuishi?
A Japanese artist, he began his career in the culinary arts. 
He then moved on to Floral Hairdressing, and as you'll see, the results are spectacular!

 Blue flowers are always dramatic. 
But this headpiece of Scabiosa, Tweedia and Delphinium
is simply stunning!

This tall conical construction of pink carnations, hydrangea and snowberries 
is very reminiscent of the style that Marie Antoinette favored in the 18th century..

 Wouldn't this ivory rose and ivy band be lovely for a bride?

No flowers here! Simply Equisetum and Ferns.
But what an unusual use of these materials!

 Oh my goodness! I can't imagine wearing this, but isn't it spectacular? 
And the mix of flowers is masterful. Orchids, sweet peas, cosmos, hydrangea...
the list of blooms goes on and on!

 Wear your veggies! 
This composition of broccoli, radishes, peppers, sprouts and even beans is magical,
and reminds me of the art of Giuseppe Arcimbold.

This headpiece of Bittersweet may not be comfortable to wear, or even elegant, 
but there's no denying that it is dramatic!

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Wilmington, NC 28401

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