Saturday, November 10, 2012


Are you a fan of Ikebana?

The word "ikebana" translates roughly to "bring life to flowers". 
Re-cutting and then arranging a flower is a new life for it.

Traditionally, Ikebana designs were based on 3 main lines, 
symbolising the harmony between heaven, man, and earth. 

So, a true Ikebana design would never be stuffed with flowers or greenery. 
The "space" is just as important as the actual materials used, as is the container itself.

Ikebana is a traditional art form with a long history. 
Beginning with floral offerings to Buddha, the art eventually evolved. 
Today, in Japanese homes, an Ikebana arrangement would be given prominence
 by being placed in a special alcove known as a tokonoma.  

Today, different styles of Ikebana are taught throughout the world,
such as Nageire, which utilizes an upright container,
and  Moribana, using a shallow bowl-type of container. 

There are many, many more details to Ikebana, 
and if your interest is piqued, I'd suggest buying a nicely illustrated book
and a few basic supplies to get started. 

 But be warned: you may get hooked!

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