Friday, February 22, 2013

Ombre...the Hot New Trend!

The dictionary defines ombre as derived from the French word meaning shaded or shading. 
The hot new trend in ombre now is just that....take a color, use the graduating shades of it, 
you then have ombre.

 Remember your grandma's crochet spread? 
You probably didn't think of it as such, but yes, that was ombre!

Ombre nails have been spotted on the red carpet recently. 
It takes a bit more work, but the look is so unique!

In fashion circles, the look has been around for a few seasons now.
The actress Zoe Saldana took some heat for this Givenchy ombre dress, 
worn to the 2010 Academy Awards, but I thought it was stunning.

You can incorporate ombre into your own fashion statement, too!
Hair care giant L'Oreal Paris has just introduced Feria Wild Ombre, 
a home hair color solution that results in hair color with graduated shades. 
In your home, you can incorporate ombre into your decor. 
Try the look in a bedspread.

Hot sneaker company Vans has their version of ombre...

It's even possible to incorporate ombre into flower arrangements! 
Florigene, one of the largest growers of Carnations, has created a striking range of purple carnations, 
called the "Moon Series". With 4 colors within the purple family, they make a natural ombre when grouped, starting with the darkest, "Moonvista" ranging to the lightest "Moonaqua" , with "Moonshade" 
and "Moonlite"  in between. So beautiful!

When Gwen Stephani wed Gavin Rossdale in 2002, 
she wore a custom Dior wedding dress in pink ombre. Stunning, isn't it? 
While it may not be for every bride, it certainly is a statement.

This ombre flower petal aisle would have been a perfect match for her!

Even the wedding cake could be ombre, in the hands of a talented cake artist.

Are you ready to ombre?

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