Friday, April 5, 2013

Prom Time!

Perhaps it's been awhile since you last thought about prom,
but I can tell you that prom flowers have changed considerably!

Yesterday's prom flowers may have been a full size rose (or two!)
on a skimpy elastic wrist band,
but those days are over!

Today's prom flowers are a big deal.
No longer just an afterthought, they are just as important as the dress and the suit!

Let's start with the bracelet.
Today's choices are endless, and are likely to be saved after prom and worn again and again.
Beads, rhinestones, 'slap' bracelets, all contribute to the "bling" look
that today's prom-goer is looking for.

Forget that big wad of stiff ribbon, too-accents now are eye-popping!
Beaded wire, chenille, feathers, rhinestone pins, jeweled pins, 
bits of lace, even pieces of caning, and mixed-media ribbons.
And don't forget the LED lights!

And of course, last but not least, the flower choices,which are endless.
Full size roses and cymbidium orchids are at the bottom of the list.
Now, the smaller spray rose is a more popular choice, as well as the mini cymbidium orchid.
Calla lilies, gerbera daisies, the tiny green Kermit get the idea.
 Today's prom gal wants her corsage to be unique and reflect her personality.

And her beau's boutonniere should be just as unique.
(By the way-the boutonniere should be worn on the left lapel, not the right!). 
Elements from the gal's corsage should be incorporated into his,
adding fun and whimsy to their big evening.

And prom flowers need not be limited to a corsage...
other options can include floral jewelry, or individual blooms attached directly to the skin.
 (ask your florist for that little secret!). 
A floral wand for the gal with a big personality.
And flowers in her hair, attached in unique ways, is a lovely finishing touch.
Bloomers Floral Design
122 South Front St.
Wilmington, NC 28401

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